Today I won’t be discussing too much from a physiological or biomechanical standpoint, rather we are going to delve into ways of improving our emotional self.

A few blogs ago I chatted about the association between our mental health and exercise, we spoke of the neurotransmitters and biochemical reactions that occur in our brain during and post a workout, and the scientific proof that renders any anti exercise ambassador’s point a moot one.

The following is along similar lines, as in we are checking in on our emotional health, it has the potential to ruin our day, sporting performance, job and even life.

Often, we don’t even know any different, and we have been in an emotional “rut” for years, decades even. You will never be anywhere near your optimum. Clearly as stated in previous posts exercise plays a major role in maintaining a balanced emotional state, but ill touch on that a little later, today we will outline some ways to help you feel great just being you.

1.       Sit back, breathe and assess where your passions lie. Once you have defined said passions then make them a priority, easier said than done sometimes I know, but just being aware of what they may be will help you prioritise – there is a very popular saying that rings true here ‘Do more of what you love”

 2.       Remove toxic people from your life- I know this may be impossible at all times- but at the very least do not let their energy affect you in ANY way. Coaching 1000’s of beautiful people I learn a lot and listen a lot, we are all human and we do get affected by what other “friends” may do or say, but every minute on the earth is a gift so if you find yourself worrying about how your perceived by someone- my advice would be to limit your contact with that person.

I’m not talking about an obvious bully or antisocial individual that would be far easier to spot and dismiss, I’m talking about a situation far more common but equally as bad if not worse. The person around you is a very good actor and may “fake” being nice really well, but each time you are around them you walk are away feeling like shit! Make no mistake there is no problem with you, it is ALL them, most likely they are severely insecure within themselves and have jealously issues. So  passive aggression, gossiping and general negativity all while fake smiling of course is their way of making themselves feel better- don’t stand for it- remove yourself form the situation. We don’t allow it here at HQ in fact it’s a sure-fire way to get black banned. One thing we should always aim to do is be wary of how we impact someone’s day- always leave a room in a better “place” than when you found it. Look out for each other you never know someone else’s story, just put simply be REAL be UNAFFECTED be a person that people feel good about BEING AROUND, just being this person will help you as well, because it will ween out the “fake nice” narcissists from your world.

3.       DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF – again an obvious one, but not super easy at times and took me a while to be proficient, notice I didn’t say I’ve mastered it. 
There is strong link between constant worry and physical illness and injury; I have spoken previously about the stress hormone cortisol and the damage it can cause. Put simply when you find yourself worrying, acknowledge it, and then move on. Again, don’t waste your energy in a negative space.

4.       Exercise -   So bloody important, for the reasons mentioned earlier, our bodies natural anti-depressant will regulate your emotional health and make every other part of your day so much easier and more productive.   

By putting all these into practice you will be setting the foundation of an extremely healthy emotional being, and once you do just wait and see yourself flourish, nothing will be too hard, and people’s comments or things that may have bothered you earlier will be nothing more than water off of a ducks back. Always aim to impact people in a positive way, and be kind to each other.

Rick Mirabella
Founder/Head Coach RUNNEZ