Runnez Virtual

The Runnez app allows you to take your Runnez virtual.

Ever wanted to do a Runnez class at home?  Around the running track?  With Runnez virtual you can.

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Take us for a spin

This is a sample of Runnez Virtual.  This episode is called The Don Bradman and is a Fartlek program.  

Featuring Shell Tims and Jo Mathers, this is a great session for long distance athletes to spend a lot of time at a comfortable, but harder effort. 


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Easy access

You're able to use Runnez Virtual via email, Google+, Facebook or sign-up.

The choice is yours and it's always easy.





Program choices

Choosing the Runnez class that best suits your needs has never been easier.

They've been divided into easy to understand sections and we even record which ones you've completed.

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Easy to understand

Each course has colour-coding, timer, runners and easy-to-understand instructions.  Running has never been more fun or easy.