Today it happened.  I don't mean half-happened, but really truly happened.

I was running and I felt so very comfortable.

All the previous times I had felt my feet hit the treadmill, my legs wanting a break, my mind just needing a rest but today that didn't happen.

I was running and remember thinking that I wasn't thinking about running.  I had taken my mind away to another place and was just going through the motions.  Seriously, I never thought that I would say 'running' and 'going through the motions' in the same sentence (unless it was something like 'I was going through the motions just to ensure I got out of running').

When my mind did come back to the present on the treadmill I did notice that I couldn't really feel my legs.

Not in a bad way, but just that it seemed I didn't need to do anything mentally to have them move.

It's a sensation that I've never had before running, but it really makes me feel something exciting is happening to my mind, body and spirit.

Once I realised my legs were feeling amazing I moved on to my breathing.

That too felt amazing.

As I thought about it more I started to neglect whatever I had been doing naturally and started to overthink it a bit - and I noticed my breathing changing as a result.

But within about 20 seconds Rick started talking about making sure I was relaxed when running - and I went from my head down to make sure I was in a good space.

I got off the treadmill and felt nothing short of amazing.

People talk about the high you get after running - and I always thought those people might need to get out a bit more - but damn, I felt it and didn't want that feeling to go away.

I hope it's a feeling I can capture again soon and I can't stop using the word 'amazing'.