Hi!  My name is Dave and I am lucky enough to have been chosen by Rick from Runnez to be able to blog about my new running journey.

I have never liked running.  Never.  Ever.

The only time I ever ran was to chase after a ball or to get out of the way of something.

I do enjoy a range of other activities - just never running.

Rick and I met through a mutual friend and hit it off from day one.

I always showed interest in his Runnez program, but was quite happy to not participate.

There were always a few main reasons for my not wanting to run.  Firstly, I never really got the urge to just go for a run - it never occurred to me.  Secondly, I've always had issues with my knees - ever since I was about 15 playing AFL football.

After the surgery I had on my knee at the time, I remember the doctor saying to me that I would never squat again and would never run.

Bugger that.

This is the first discussion between Dave and Rick and what they hoped to achieve when starting Dave's running journey.

Rick told me about 'Runnez Virtual', his platform for doing Runnez programs via your phone, tablet, computer or TV.

I thought this was something I could get on board with.  I've never been one to exercise in front of others if I can avoid it and I also remember being teased at high school for the way I ran.

I turn 40 next year and want to work hard to make sure I enjoy a long and healthy life.  To accomplish that I think I need to eat better, exercise more and spend quality time with those I care about most.

I think the food and exercise will help me be the best person I can be - and the onflow of that is being able to enjoy my life more.

Tomorrow will be my first day running, my first day looking carefully at what I eat and my first day sharing my journey with you.

I decided to call this blog Running Naked.  Why?  Because I feel like I'm baring my all on the page and that, to me, is the same as standing in the middle of the MCG on Grand Final day.  Naked.

I hope you enjoy the ride.