All of my talk, all of the promises to myself, they all boil down to today.

This is going to be my first run.  My first Runnez session.  The first time I've had to wear a spiffy pair of running shorts.

I have looked forward to this moment, somewhat.  Not so much the running but the feeling I hope to get after.  1 minute after.  1 week after.  1 year after.

Rick chose this session for me and said it was Fartlek.  I thought, at first, he said something about farting but it turns out this is a real word.  Yet another thing I am learning along this journey - a new language.

The session he had me do had a lot of efforts than were broken up with nice rest periods.

Mentally, it didn't feel like I was working as hard as I was because I knew a rest was only ever a minute away.

My heart rate did fluctuate from 140-180 bpm depending on the effort I was exerting, but I always felt like I was in control.  I did, also, forget to turn my Garmin on until about 10 mins in, so my results are a bit skewed.

I must admit, it is nice to have Rick talking to you throughout the session.  I've always loved to have music playing, but he found ways to amuse me and always keep me upbeat and interested.  That is one of Runnez charms.

Once the session was over I felt really good.  Not because I was dripping in sweat or my legs felt toned but because I had finished and I knew that the next step of my running life had started.

I forogt to turn my Garmin on until I stopped and checked the time!