The day after my first running session I did wake up a little stiff, a little sore.

Not bad pain by any stretch of the imagination but more the type that let you know you had used part of your body you hadn't been previously.

It's a bit disappointing that this type of pain does not appear to others so you can wear it on your chest like a badge of honour.  Instead, you need to try and drop it awkwardly into coffee conversations where they really don't fit.

"Can you hold my coffee for me please Dave?" my friend asks.

"Sure" as I lean across and make a little noise to let them know it's a bit uncomfortable to stretch the extra millimetre. "My legs are a bit stiff after the run I did."

I  puff out my chest like I've just cured the obesity epidemic while my friend just gives me a look that says "whatever".


For Day 2 I was expecting much of the same but I thought I'd choose a different program this time.


Fartlek worked pretty well the first time so I figured a second would be much of the same.

I chose this one for myself after telling Rick I'd do the same again.  By the time I got around to it I couldn't remember which one it was so I just went the random Fartlek.  Is it just me or does 'Random Fartlek' sound a bit wrong?  Anyway.

It turns out this one was a bit more front-loaded in nature.  Essentially, there were 3 sets of 3 mins on and 1 off.

I was able to push myself OK as Rick had mentioned that once the first sets were done it was all downhill from there.

Although this was a more difficult program it still was great knowing at the end they were short efforts with rests after each.

I did go as hard as I could for the last 45 seconds as well, so I felt really good about it all when I was done.

I'm sure it's just an illusion, but when I got home, showered and put some new clothes on I was sure they fit a bit better than they did the day before.

I guess that's the point.