It seems that all my friends and family are getting sick at the moment.

I haven't got sick per se, but I'm bordering on a serious case of man flu.

If I hadn't just started this Runnez journey I think I'd be pretty sure to be in bed with a very high level of complaining.

As it stands, however, I've decided to tough it out.

Now, I did have some concerns about training while not 100%.  My breathing for one I thought would really suffer.

The cough I'm dealing with is annoying just laying in bed so getting on the treadmill doesn't seem like it would be any easier.

I jumped on the treadmill and again decided to go with a random virtual session.  Turns out, I picked the same session as last time.

Oh well.

What I really enjoyed about this session was that mentally you are putting in the large blocks of effort at the start and then shorter efforts towards the end.

This means that my brain tells me all the hard work has been done at the start and everything afterwards was 'downhill'.

This is the first session where I overbaked myself a bit.  I thought I was better than I was (what, I'm not an expert runner after 2 sessions!?) and paid for it a little bit.

Rick did warn us not to go to hard - especially those of us new to running - but I thought I knew better.

Turns out, I didn't.

Today in Melbourne is was around 11C and rained all day long.

I ran in comfort inside with Rick encouraging me the entire way and I forgot I felt sick - or that I couldn't run - and when I was finished wanted to jump on the front counter and Leonardo Dicaprio my lungs out with "I'm king of the world".  Instead, I went home and had a coffee.