It's been a long couple of days.  This man flu thing is still lingering.

Rick taught me something I never knew that I did incorrectly.  Doing up my shoelaces.  Seriously.

All these years I've been doing it wrong.  It has made a difference to the way my feet feel in their runners so I'm very happy.  I've asked Rick to post a video explaining how to do it.  Once it's done i'll pop it into this post for everyone to see.

Back to running.

I felt much better after my last run so I figure it can't hurt to do another session.

People speak a lot about endorphins and that sort of fancy talk, but for me its about how I feel in my own body post-run.

I feel that I breathe a bit cleaner, my lungs fill more, my clothes feel like they fit better and parts of my body are just a little bit 'tighter'.

I know it's mostly in my own head but isn't that a great positive about this running thing?  Better self-image and more confidence?

I know a lot of people, including myself, that could benefit from that.  Maybe this running thing has more to it than I initially expected.