I've found it interesting how not having done any exercise whilst sick that I feel I have taken a few steps backwards.  I mean, it's to be expected, but I was surprised by how much.

Maybe it's that my breathing was the area impacted most that means it was much easier to notice.  If I was a professional birthday cake eater (a career I would certainly consider if it was offered to me) I'd expect I could still put away the same amount of cake in the same amount of time whether I had the flu previously or not.  So, horses for courses.

While I wasn't running Rick did have the chance to show me some exercises & stretches I could do both pre and post run.


For this run I did a pre-stretch (I've asked Rick to put a tutorial up so keep an eye out!) and a longer warm-up.  So basically, stretching and a 5 min walk at a reasonable pace.

Those simple things made quite a difference to me, or at least in my mind, and I felt I started stronger as a result.  Sometimes it feels like the first couple of minutes I am trying to keep up with the treadmill but when starting warm it felt like we were starting as equals.

I'm still enjoying this running thing.  Really.