So, the pressure was on today.

I arrived at Runnez HQ early and there were runners participating in a Runnez virtual class.

It's the first time I'd have to start running with people around and Rick was there as well!

We had a bit of a chat about what he had planned for me for that day and explained what we were looking towards doing over the next few weeks.

The run he picked for me is going to help advance my endurance and is supposed to help me in the long run.  For me, it just felt pretty hard and got my breathing going pretty full on!

You can check out the chat we had below.

Looking at my Strava results, it was good to see how my heartbeat, as well as breathing, seemed to be able to recover relatively quickly.

Only minor coughing this run and I can feel myself, and my running, really improving.

What is giving me great strength is two-fold.  The first is when Rick says to relax. 

I instantly analyse my body and find I am wasting energy being tense and am able to correct immediately.  The second is being able to withdraw myself mentally from the treadmill, concentrate on his voice and pretend I am somewhere else.  Often, I a mentally running through a forest.

Maybe I should go to a forest for a run and see if I start relaxed immediately?

Can I call myself a runner yet?