After finishing playing local footy I struggled to find something with that family like atmosphere as well meeting my competitive nature. I found myself running and wanting to improve my times. RUNNEZ has brought the best out of my training and the PBs haven't stopped since I started every Tuesday night a year ago. Rick is an amazing motivator and ripping bloke to boot, it's not only Rick that makes RUNNEZ so good. Every person I've met through RUNNEZ is welcoming and encouraging especially the Tuesday night crew. The new HQ is a special place that welcomes everyone with open arms.
Runnez is just for me to feel good about me. I did little aths and played Netball as a kid and that's about it, but now in my late 40's I have found Runnez and am hooked, I have no interest in running a fun run or any kind of marathon, I run on a treadmill twice a week with people at all fitness levels and just love it, it makes me feel good, it makes me a better person. Rick Mirrabella is uniquely gifted in motivating people, I can't speak enough of how much I enjoy my Runnez sessions. Thanks Rick!
I always considered myself fairly fit with walking and doing other activities but running is truly the best and gets you results! You're on a natural high after a Runnez session and it completely sets you up for the day. At the start of the year I struggled to run 2kms but since joining Runnez I'm running 10kms and participating in fun runs that I never imagined would be possible and it's totally amazing!!! I hope to even tackle a half marathon one day.  Rick is an awesome, inspiring & motivating coach and you won't be disappointed!  
I had played sport all my life, and after not doing anything with the young family growing up I managed to put on a few kilos. I found it was time to get back into something and met Rick down at the gym and started with Runnez over 15 months managed to drop 20 kgs. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't been active for a few years as you start at your own pace.
After I had my baby I couldn't run 1km. That was 18 months ago. Today I'm going for a 12km run. Runnez helped me immensely! And Rick is just the best - without his help and guidance, I would not be at this point with my fitness and running.

Runnez seemed daunting to me at first even though I thought I enjoyed running.. but Runnez is so much more than running on a treadmill... It's a goal busting work out with Rick as your trainer who will always make sure each class is the right thing for you both mentally and physically to reach your goals what ever they may be. 
I ran my first 1/2 marathon fully prepared and on target with Ricks guidance 6 months ago the furthest I had ever run was 10km and I would say that wasn't really enjoyable... NOW it is. Even during injury I could still participate on the bike or half on the treadmill. Never want to miss Runnez... THANK YOU RICK!!  




Runnez crew led by Running Coach Rick Mirabella doing the ground work at Runnez HQ Chelsea Heights with 45 minute structured sessions on the treadmill, cross trainer or spin bike combined with S&C sessions. Some of our crew below enjoy taking it outdoors too.


Join us in the Melbourne Bayside 1st indoor running studio and reach your goals whether they be general fitness, weight loss or training for a short or long distance running goal

Rick Mirabella chatting on EON Sports